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Brand Identity and Packaging Design for AlloVeda


AlloVeda is a brand that produces premium segment face oils based on Ayurveda. (includes 100% organic full-spectrum hemp oil and Ayurvedic herbs).


Create a logotype and packaging design for a cosmetic line (3 products), final visualization. 


Lead Packaging Designer: logotype, 3 variations of packaging concepts from draft to the final result (+pre-printing), color scheme, typography.

Brand Basement

My client had provided me brand conception, style conception, and detailed

information about the target audience, brand mission, and brand values.






Essential face oils (3 types).

Middle-end (high product quality meets affordable prices).

Promotion relaxation and improving womxn* mental health, getting rid of stress and anxiety..

Mix of eco-friendly and vintage&classy styles (stand out among other eco-friendly brands)

*Womxn (anyone who identifies as female, non-binary and/or trans). Age ranges: 18-35 y.o.

First Concept for the Logo

The brand name AlloVeda is a combined word that comes part from Latin,  “Allo” meaning hello in French (Candians), and “Veda” coming from Sanskrit meaning science. A/V can be represented as upright and inverted triangles. Triangle is the strongest shape structurally (and at the beginning brand has 3 main essential oils as main products) and we decided to use the triangle as part of the brand identity.

Second Concept for the Logo

  We liked the triangle concept of the brand logo, but in our case, my client wanted to highlight the natural basement of the brand. I decided to create illustrations for the logo in simple, but detailed and nature-inspired style. I created the illustrations of lavender flowers and cannabis leaves. The illustration is going around AV letters, which is highlight the brand name (it consists of two parts) and the natural basement of the brand at the same time.

First Concept for the Packaging

I used dark-blue, dark-red, and dark-green colors for the first conception of the packaging design. Premium gold foil and minimalistic, and a little bit vintage-inspired (detail on the bottom of the bottle and of the box) design.


We decided to try another conception because this one looks too premium and too expensive for the younger target audience, doesn't look catchy enough for online marketing.

Second Concept for the Packaging

 As the second concept, we decided to focus on the medical aspect (because the brand uses medical researches as a basement to produce its products). I used clear and bright colors to make the difference between products more notisible. 

We (me and my client) both liked the clear and simple look of the products, but at the same time, we both wanted something more catchy and more suitable for the young target audience.

Third Concept for the Packaging

We made all colors from the previous concept more bright and added texture to each bottle and each box. It gave us a more interesting look at online marketing, looks more suitable for the young target audience, kind of reminds us of CBD "trippy" effects in a stylish way. We didn't want to make the design more trippy to escape the sigma of Cannabis-related products, even if in this case products based on CBD only. 


Overall, the third concept looks bright, memorable, catchy, and snazzy. Because of the bright colors and unusual combination of the colors, it easily attracts the attention of young womxn. The bright and saturated design shows the result of using the products: feel less stress and anxiety and improving your natural beauty. Bottles and boxes look interesting even when they are separated from each other. 

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