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Social Media Content for Cloudy


Cloudy is a brand that produces medium-pricing segment supplements, and cosmetics to improve sleep quality and the sleeping experience itself.


Create videos for the promotion of Melatonin Diffuser in Instagram Stories.


Graphic designer for Social Media Content: brainstormed content plan and brand values, created ideas for the videos and videos themselves based on the content plan and brand values.

Preview of Promotion Videos for Instagram Stories

Client's Instagram

Brand Basement

My client had provided me brand conception, style conception, and detailed

information about the target audience, and brand mission.






Melatonin diffusers

Middle-end (high product quality meets affordable prices).

Promotion relaxation, reduce stress level, take sleep experience to the next level

Clouds, blue and white colors, bold text.

*Men and women who feels a lots of street and wants to reduce it in the natural and healthy way. Age ranges: 18-35 y.o.

Video Content for Instagram Stories

#1 Loyalty

I used bold and unusual video in the background to attract attention and added a press logo that posted information about my client and improve the loyalty of the audience. For the second video, I added customer reviews to improve the loyalty of the audience as well.

Preview of the video

Preview of the video

Preview of the video

#2 Brand Aesthetic Videos

Calm cloudy sky in the background of these videos I used to show relaxation and calm in a subconscious way. In this case, we didn't show any benefits directly and focused on the brand mood and brand as a metaphor to promote the product in a discreet way.

Preview of the video

Preview of the video

#3 Ingredients Videos

One of the biggest benefits of this melatonin diffuser is its ingredients. In the first video, I show all the natural ingredients such as lavender and chamomile close to the product and connected the product and natural elements. Even the background isn't realistic and natural, the moving of lavender creates the impression of real-life background, and the solid blue color on the background shows the brand identity and keeps the clear look of the video. 

For the second video, I named three of the most important ingredients and connected this idea to the title with "modern" to highlight a modern scientific basis of the ingredients.

Preview of the video

Preview of the video